The full legal name of SR Auto Group is Supreme Rallye Auto Group, which also means the supreme group. It represents that our customers are supreme and our team is also professional and excellent. SR was established in 2016,New York. In the past five years, we have developed from a car club spontaneously organized by foreign students to a legally registered car dealership in New York.
For a long time, in order to make our business more up-to-date and the development of the company, we are committed to the diversification of the company's brand. At present, we have provided customers with a integrating car buying experience, car selling and auto repair. Not only that, in order to meet the various needs of customers, our services also cover New York state inspection, insurance purchases, insurance claims, car loans, car modification, car vinyl wrap, vehicle maintenance, etc. At the same time, we have opened an online official website and three offline physical stores to make your purchasing more comfortable and secure. Our inventory covers range from economy daily drive to high-end exotic super cars, we care about your all-round needs.
We believe that Supreme Rallye Auto Group will and is willing to be your best choice.